Why investing is better than exporting to Africa

One of the strategies to expand your business in Africa will be to collaborate with a local established companies or create your own subsidiary in a selected country.

There are many reasons to establish your physical presence in Africa  both economically and strategically. Africa still has problems of infrastructure like transport. But when a company has a physical presence not only it’s sign of its commitment to African market that will create loyalty but also it’s easy to distribute its products or services not only in the country it’s established but also in the neighbouring countries.

In addition, some raw materials can be sourced locally or regionally which can boost local economies while cutting down the import costs.

African governments are interested in those companies or investors who participate in the creation of jobs for youth who graduate but cannot be absolved by local  labour market.

Therefore, it’s time for foreign companies to not just export to Africa but manufacture from Africa; benefits are many. It can be light manufacturing, assembling or just creation of innovative solutions based on local resources. This is how to make it in Africa and grow with Africa.

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