Trusted Businesses in Africa

We only list dynamic, growing,    Verified, trusted and reputable companies on this Businesses Directory (VBD). Our selection and verification   remove trials and errors in decision making for african based and international investors, traders and business travelers. VBD and our associated services support  those looking for business partnerships, trade opportunities and soco-economic involvement in Africa. This is a tool to have insight on who are behind African growth, how the emerging market works and who is offering what and where.   Click here to reach the concept behind this business directory below.  

ATTPA Africa team has been selecting and verifying companies  before appearing on our business directory  to help the public interested in developing business in Africa make right decisions and choices.

Curating, selecting, gathering and verifying these companies take us to different sources such as Stock Exchanges, studies done buy international banks, multilateral organizations, prestigious market data firms, business circle entities and awarding organizations.

We know  some of you are very busy with many things to do and we are aware of  your precious time it can take to verify if your  possible new business partner in Africa is reliable.  Our curated directory of businesses and public entities in Africa can help you avoid pitfalls in your dealings.

The use of  VBD will really save you time, money and be hassle-free in qualifying your next trade and  investment partner in Africa. Our  team does  research for you and all the businesses  in this directory have been verified, are recommended and we trust them. If  you cannot find a company on this directory, the reasons are,  may be: 1- It doesn’t qualify to be listed, – 2- It has not been verified.  In this scenario, get in touch with us we will help you to have accurate information on that company.

Our guarantee

  1. They provide the best services as per their mandate.
  2. They complete assignments on time once contracted.
  3. They solve problems and treat customers professionally.
  4. They are open for new ideas and collaboration.
  5. They are the leading businesses in their respective sector/industry country.
  6. They are innovation-driven companies.
  7. They are startups with distruptive technologies.
  8. They are reliable and trusted locally and internationally.

How we select trusted businesses in Africa ?

  • We find businesses that have a reputation for quality driven excellence at nternational standards.
  • We survey many of their past customers personally and compare those data with online  (public) available information.
  • We check their online reputation and speak to other references.
  • We ensure any data on their website is valid and up to date.


  1.  We accept nominations; if you know a company that meets above guarantee and can fit in one of our categories, please  send us information at [email protected] 
  2. Verification and listing businesses  that comply with those guarantee is a continuous work, keep visiting our website  for updates; this the inventory keeps growing.
  3. The information provided is solely to help you in your own best judgment. Therefore you bear the responsability of  your last decision.
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