In current global context, it’s necessary to equip future professionals and leaders with practical skills which will be useful anywhere. ATTPA Africa study tours play an important role in achieving those goals.


Africa, a continent of more than one billion of people in the backyard of Europe, of extremely young population,     abundant natural resources and much leapfrogging, is   undoubtedly influencing the global affairs and this will continue in coming years.  Those students have a role to play in that interdependent and globalized world.  They are already interested in learning how emerging markets work and how they can use their knowledge to test solutions.

Students invited in our orgsnized study tours are from the following academic areas: international development, international cooperation, international business studies, sustainable tourism, education, gender studies, regional integration programs, international economics, renewable energy, Fin-tech and financial inclusion, ICTs, water, agro-business, international affairs, global leadership social work, ingineering, health and environment conservation.

Though our study tours  are organized in all African countries, our destinations are in those countries with specific social and economic successes and/or companies or organizations with proven leadership.

Therefore, there are possibilities that those students can have internships,  conduct individual or joint research projects and participate in cultural immersion while building their leadership skills.

The potentiality of global study tours in Africa is that students receive lectures and insights from personalities (officials from governments, universities, civil society organizations and prominent business leaders from private sector; autochtone componies and african/foreign investors/multinationals), visit various sites and as part of socio-cultural immersion, interact with local communities and innovation hubs.

Our directory of verified and reputable businesses (VB Directory) helps to easily identify the best compnies/institutions that host our study tour program activities.

Students discover development process in given areas related to their careers, leadership, solutions applied and the role of every part of the society or each business or organization has been playing in that progress.

The study tours  enrich their academic curriculum;  they get practical lessons about what they learn  and develop global perspective.

If  universities or students are looking for a test kitchen place for development solutions Africa is the right place.

Thanks to our  partnerships with local network, resources and experience, we facilitate the best study tours in Africa.


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