Business Traveller Africa

A. Business travellers for work and conference attendance

At ATTPA Africa we are  aware  of  what changes in your daily life means; you leave the comfort and familiarity of your home. So you need the most convenient stay that allows you to work in good conditions in destination. Therefore, our solutions will help you feel comfortable in your next trip.

B. Business travellers for trade purpose (in group or solo)

ATTPA Africa facilitates business trips related to searching for or meeting potential business partners. This means handling  preparations, and   making important  arrangements in destination.

Both types of business travellers   benefit from our group or individual  assistance before or during the trip.  Our  solutions not only will help traveller to  enjoy the trip but also achieve trip goals.

Business Matching through our Vbd and beyond.

Our diretory of trusted and verified companies in Africa can be your first venue to get glimpse on business in Africa in all areas. Selecting  appropriate Africa  based  partners  (representatives,  investment firms, development partners or importers) is a crucial element when it comes to internationalize your  business. We are aware of the hardship of this process. The good news for you is that we are well prepared to help you do business with and in Africa and can enjoy our expertise in assisting business travellers with clear ambitions in Africa.

We produce customized and extended potential partners identification report on each category. After introducing your services or products to potential prospects, we produce report on their positive feedbacks and other details for your management team to take further actions. The report may include  companies not yet available on our directory.

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